Stand Up To Joint Pain - Physio Program

Thank you for your interest in the Stand Up To Joint Pain Physio Program. To confirm your eligibility and to help our physio plan your personal treatment we need to find out a bit more about how your condition is affecting your day to day. 

A personal treatment plan that is relevant to your circumstances and considers all areas of your physical and emotional wellbeing, is essential to make the biggest impact on joint pain caused by knee and hip osteoarthritis AND when preparing for joint replacement surgery.

Everyone's treatment plan will be different but will often include a combination of:
  • Increasing the strength of the muscles that support the joints
  • Losing weight (if overweight) and improving nutrition
  • Increasing walking or other physical activity (within your capability)
  • Understanding and acting to manage stress, anxiety or depression
Stand Up To Joint Pain Assessment

To support the treatment planning process the Stand Up To Joint Pain Assessment has been designed to capture:

  • the factors that may be contributing to your joint pain and mobility problems, and
  • the personal health and wellbeing improvements that are most important to you

This shared understanding will help you and your team structure a personally meaningful treatment plan to meet your needs.
If you have private health insurance this plan may include links to treatment options that are supported by your health fund and available to you at no cost.

You can skip Assessment questions that you don't feel comfortable answering.

Your Privacy

You will have the option to opt in to provide your personal details to enable the Prima team to contact you to assess which health fund programs may be available to you. If you prefer for your self-assessment to remain anonymous, you do not need to provide these details.

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